ARISTOTELE aims at relating the learning process to the organizational one as well as to the innovation process management. In the organizational contexts three main kinds of processes are traditionally identified: organizational processes (marketing&communication, human resources management, business), learning processes (group training sessions) and social collaboration processes (spontaneous formation of groups within the organization).

ARISTOTELE will enhance workers’ learning and training within their organizations. Models, methodologies, technologies and tools will be developed to support competencies and creativity by information and knowledge self-organizing, acquisition, processing and sharing to overcome the following current limits:

  • Missing link between adaptive and non-adaptive learning strategies
  • Missing interconnection between enterprise learning pathways and real contingent workers’ needs
  • Missing link between organizational learning and creativity
  • Difficulty in exploiting formal and informal knowledge and the acquired experiences
  • Missing of any form of Collective Intelligence


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The ARISTOTELE project is co-funded by the European Commission,
Theme ICT-2009.4.2, Technology Enhanced Learning, Grant Agreement no. 257886